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 Our services

We offer the following services, from a little push to get you started to fully done-for-you packages. Services can be customized to suit time, budget, lifestyle or personal circumstances

Decluttering or downsizing

Are you overwhelmed with piles of clutter and getting stressed?

Is your household growing or are you moving house? 

We can help you declutter and only keep items you actually use and those with sentimental value.


We understand that letting go of some items might be emotional and needs time. On the other hand, we know that moving house has deadlines.

We always follow your speed and offer supportive and patient services.

Having less clutter will lead to a calmer mind, less stress to find what you are looking for and more time for yourself or your family and friends; which could also help your physical well-being


Organising and optimising space

By following our methods, you are able to optimise any space in your home: kitchen, pantry, bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom, kids room, linen cupboard, lounge, laundry, garage etc...

Items become visible, completely accessible, and much more organised.

You will know exactly what you already have and what you still need, therefore financially better too. 

We understand that letting strangers into private spaces, especially when messy, can be overwhelming and emotional.

We always act with compassion, we respect your privacy and we handle everything with care and confidentiality.

Office organising

Hands-on organisation and storage solutions for workspaces.

We help you create systems which make sense to your team and work for your unique business.

if they do need tweaking when your business expands or changes, we can do another quick session to get it sorted.

Hiring a professional means the task still gets done when more urgent or important matters arise.

An organised environment not only relieves stress but also boosts productivity and promotes team spirit.

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