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We help you metamorphose your home or office
by organising your space and possessions efficiently


How we can help

Everyone's journey is different: we have plenty of options to help you transform your life

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Online course

Practical tips and tricks 

We help you get the transformation started with videos and other useful resources


1 on 1 coaching

Personalised advice

You want to do it yourself, but need accountability or fresh eyes to decide what can be transformed

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All done for you

The magic wand 

We can do as little or as much as you want:  decluttering, optimising space, finding boxes and baskets, etc...

Our story

Metamorphose Home Organisation was established in 2023 by owner and founder Sophie Wicker

Spending more than 20 years in Biotechnology Research and Development laboratories, I have always enjoyed a well organised work space.

Now, being a mum my time is very limited, therefore I can't waste time looking for something in my home: everything needs to have a dedicated place and be easily accessible.

I'm enjoying how organised my house is so much that I've decided to help other people get that feeling too.

I love organising spaces and tidying up, you don't have to!


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